Night Slashers X

The guardians of the night get violent


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Night Slashers X is a completely free remake of the classic console game Night Slasher, for computers. This 'beat em up' is similar to the 'Final Fight'; in it, players take on the role of one of the bloody vampire-killers.

In the game, the three protagonists embark on an adventure to terminate the plans of the evil King Zarutz, who is intent on turning the entire planet into a kingdom of monsters and living dead. In his pursuit he is, of course, aided by hordes of zombies and mutants.

This way, our lead trio of characters will have to face hordes of enemies which range from classic zombies and fire elements, to vampires and Frankenstein monsters, all the way to werewolves and mummies. The best part of the game is the sheer number and amazingness of the attacks available to you, and they will almost always end with lots of blood splattered on your screen.

The game, like most in its genre, can be enjoyed in co-op with friends. Plus, depending on who the main character is, you'll be able to see up to three different endings.

Night Slashers X is a very fun action game that comes with eight different levels, six types of guns, dozens of different hits, over twenty different enemies, and enough material to keep you entertained for hours on end.
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